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Believe in Inspiration | Be Father Joe


It is not surprising that a place where miracles are an everyday occurrence is the legacy of Father Joe Carroll. Through his many years of service, Father Joe has left an indelible mark on the countless lives touched by his service and on San Diego as a whole.

However, the story of Father Joe’s Villages is not the story of one man. It is the story of a community of countless donors, staff members and volunteers, all of whom have heeded the call to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Are you one of them?

Believe in inspiration. Be Father Joe.

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Believe in a Brighter Future | A Letter from Deacon Jim

In February 2015, I took the helm at Father Joe’s Villages full of drive and determination to take on the sacred mission of ending homelessness in San Diego. In my time here, I’ve heard stories of desperation that break my heart and tales of inspiration that fill my soul.

I remain committed to the belief that homelessness in our community is not a given. It is a problem that can and must be solved. Indeed, it is our sacred obligation to solve it. I invite you to take a look at our 2015 results and encourage you to explore how you too can help us offer someone a life without homelessness.

Be Father Joe.

Deacon Jim Signature
Deacon Jim F. Vargas, OFS
President & CEO, Father Joe’s Villages

Read Deacon Jim’s full letter here.

Deacon Jim

Believe in Neighbors Helping Neighbors | Services & Successes

In 2015, nearly 12,000 individuals come to us facing a crossroads they never expected to face. At the heart of each of these stories is a person with individualized needs who is facing challenges uniquely their own. That is why Father Joe’s Villages offers an array of programs and services to help those at this crossroads find their own path out of homelessness.

In this section, we invite you to meet some of these inspirational people and learn about the tools that took them from homeless to home.

On average, 1,830 people lived in one of Father Joe’s Villages housing programs on any given night in 2015.
  • Monti a dutiful dad

    Believe in a Better Tomorrow

    A Dutiful Dad Emerges




    On his release from prison, Monti found the limited and expensive housing options in San Diego out of his reach. In 2013 Monti unexpectedly gained custody of his 2 young sons. Monti had nowhere to go, so he came to Father Joe’s Villages.

    Monti and his sons, Melvin and Monti Jr., took full advantage of our housing programs and supportive services to forge their path out of homelessness. He and his boys moved to a self-sustained life outside the Village in February 2015. Monti now has a job and lives in a two-bedroom apartment with happy, healthy sons and a brand new outlook on life.

    Read Monti’s full story in our Life After the Village series here.

    When my two sons were dropped on me with no place to live, no food, no clothes, nothing, nada, I thought to myself, ‘I need to get into St. Vincent de Paul no matter what.’
  • From Hospitals to House Keys

    Believe in the Impossible

    From Hospitals to House Keys




    Peggy was what government agencies call a super-user of emergency services. In just one year, this hearing impaired woman made 20 emergency room visits and was admitted to the hospital 10 times. A prime candidate for Father Joe’s Villages precedent-setting Housing First program, Project 25, she enrolled in October 2015 and immediately started working with our team to obtain housing.

    In January 2016, Peggy received the keys to her new apartment and started making her house into a home, all the while knowing her Father Joe’s Villages team has her back.

    More details on Peggy’s journey from homeless to house keys can be found in our Life After the Village series.

    The police no longer take her to jail. Ambulances aren’t picking her up off the street. Hospitals aren’t admitting her to their emergency rooms. In January 2016, Peggy got the keys to a new apartment.
  • Josh Bully to Bright Beacon

    Be the Difference

    From Bully to Beacon




    A nine-year-old Josh arrived at Father Joe’s Villages with his family.

    With homeless children eight times more likely to repeat a grade, three times more likely to be placed in special education and twice as likely to score lower on standardized tests, Father Joe's Villages knew that Josh’s future relied on their action.

    The Therapeutic Childcare team helped Josh recognize his emotions, analyze the impact of his actions and identify coping strategies. Today, a few years older and a lot wiser about the impact of his behavior, Josh is a shining example to many people, young and old alike.

    Want to learn more about Josh’s journey? Visit our Life After The Village series.

    Now 12 years old, Josh is the first to remind his peers about consequences to their actions and help them change their behaviors, and ultimately, their path to a brighter future.
  • PTSD through Culinary Arts

    Believe in Overcoming Adversity

    A Veteran Finds His Way Out of PTSD Through the Culinary Arts

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    After separating from his wife and losing his children to Child Welfare Services, this former Marine arrived at Father Joe’s Villages with PTSD and substance abuse issues.

    The time he spent at Father Joe’s ignited a passion for the culinary arts. Today, a graduate of Father Joe’s Villages’ Freddie Evarkiou Culinary Arts Program and free of the substance abuse and PTSD demons that used to haunt him, Stephen works at one of San Diego’s best waterfront restaurants. He also reestablished contact and visitation with his children, allowing them all to look forward to a long and happy future together.

    To learn more about Stephen’s time at Father Joe’s Villages, please visit his Life After the Village installment.

    I knew I needed a higher paying job, which is why I decided to check out the culinary arts program. I had no previous culinary experience other than working in a pizza restaurant as a teen. Now I am working in a high-end restaurant with one of the best chefs in San Diego.
  • Veteran overcomes PTSD

    Believe in Miracles

    A Veteran Finds Peace Though Spiritual Healing

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    Valerie, an Army veteran, was chronically homeless, confused, hurt and lost. Not even the Army can prepare you for the struggles of life on the streets. Once admitted to the Paul Mirabile Center at Father Joe’s Villages, Valerie took care of basic necessities and gained spiritual guidance and hope from our chaplaincy program.

    To my amazement, Father Joe’s Villages showed me how special I was as a U.S. Army veteran, Valerie said.

    Now, in addition to a calm heart, Valerie also has her own apartment and a job as a security officer. The Army gave her the training to survive in wartime. Father Joe’s Villages provided the tools she needed to thrive in peace.

    To learn more about our veteran services and chaplaincy program, click here.

    From that day forward, I could sleep at night without waking up in cold sweats, said Valerie. It healed the loneliness I suffered from for many years.
  • Bill Beats Addiction and Homelessness

    Believe in Never Giving Up

    Through Thick and Thin, Bill Beats Addiction and Homelessness

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    After three years living on the streets, he entered Father’s Villages plagued by substance abuse, mental health issues and legal burdens. Unemployed and with a record of jail time, Bill was homeless and broken.

    It took two attempts for Bill to complete our programs, but he prevailed. He finished all his classes, cleared his probation, learned how to manage his mental health issues and successfully got a job and apartment in October 2014. Bill keeps in touch with his case manager regularly. She says that she is pleased to see another shining example of the power of the combination of hard work, dedication and the right support.

    To learn more about how our employment, education and addiction treatment programs help others to live the ‘Be Father Joe’ ideals, please visit

    I’m still working, clean and sober. I even own a car now! Bill shared. Most importantly, I reunited with my family. Tell anyone coming through your door that if you just stay sober, things will change for the better. Thanks for pushing me through my homelessness and addiction.

Believe in the Greater Good | Donor Spotlight

Vince and Candace Kasperick live their faith everyday. After Vince first donated to Father Joe’s Villages the year he graduated from college and Candace helped her first homeless child as a school nurse, a legacy was born.

For three decades, this couple has dedicated their talents, time and money to support our efforts to end homelessness, one life at a time. Corporate donations from Vince’s company,, have enabled the success of our annual Thanksgiving Day 5K, TOWERthon and Children's Charity Galas. Vince’s 8 years of service on our board of directors, both as a member and the chairman of the St. Vincent de Paul Village board, have rescued even more lives from homelessness.

This couple serves as a shining example that serving your neighbors makes a real and important difference in this world. We are grateful for their support and their hearts that live the mission of service and care.

Learn more how you can become a donor here.

If you are going to donate to a San Diego non-profit, this is where you would get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of results and impact. - Vince Kasperick

Believe You Can Make a Difference | Volunteer Spotlight

For James Haag, time management is an art form. Even with newborn twins to take care of at home, James has found the time to achieve great things in his career as an Air Force attorney. Last year, he was the only person honored as the 2014 winner of the Air Force General Counsel’s Procurement Law Award.

Somehow, James also finds time to volunteer at Father Joe’s Villages. Despite family and work commitments, James has served lunch in our kitchen with kindness and enthusiasm every Saturday since 2000.

He never misses a Saturday.

Want to learn more about volunteer opportunities? Click here.

James Haag

Each year, over 10,000 volunteers donate their time and talents. To replace their efforts it would cost Father Joe’s Villages more than $4.6 million annually.

Financials | 2015 By The Numbers


Programs 29,805,175 85%
Administration 1,626,776 5%
Fundraising 3,599,343 10%


Donations 36%
Grant Funding 32%
Retail Thrift stores 15%
Auto Auctions 7%
Medical Clinic 5%
Property Management 2%
Other 3%

Father Joe | How It All Began

Father Joe’s Villages has always been about ‘neighbors helping neighbors.’ This is a place where people from all walks of life - rich and poor, educated and not, needy and well-off - come together as equals to change peoples’ lives. - Father Joe Carroll